E2 Prodigy
Fitness & soccer development

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                               Soccer Development                           



Consist of 60 minute high intensity non-stop training.This type of training is created and developed for that one specific athlete, we will have an evaluation that will put you through a set of activities that will test each and every ability necessary on the pitch. After conducting a thorough evaluation on our first training session we will make sure and create a program of progression in order for you to be successful in each and every skill. These skills include but are not limited to ball mastery, technical, tactical, physical, psychological, CSSA (coordination, speed, strength, agility), attacking and defending principles as well as target consistency and finishing!


Consist of 60 minute fast pace, interval and dynamic activities that will lead up to group play. Groups will be evaluated individually as well as collectively, we will allow room for development of each and every child regardless of the level of play. During group soccer development you will compete against your peers and perform the creative exercises we previously worked on. The activities will involve a series of 1v1, 2v1, and 2v2 in order to create the competitive atmosphere and energy!  There are available discounts for groups of four or more, please contact E2PRODIGY for any questions or concerns.